Wood Fence And How Long It Will LAst

It’s anything but difficult to list the advantages of wood wall – reasonableness, solidness and adaptability, yet it’s somewhat more hard to state to what extent a wood fence will last. That is on the grounds that there are such a large number of factors that add to the life expectancy of wood wall. When evaluating the period of time a wood fence will last, you should take a gander at the sort of wood utilized, the atmosphere where you’re found and the establishment strategy utilized. These factors will assist you with making an informed theory of to what extent your fence will last!

Kind of Wood

Probably the biggest supporter of the life expectancy of a wood fence depends on the sort of timber that was chosen. For instance, despite the fact that weight treated pine is one of the more moderate wood choices and looks appealing, it isn’t as solid as different alternatives, so you should just anticipate that it should last around 15 years. Then again, western red cedar and southern cypress can last around 20 years. In case you’re hoping to expand the life span of your fence you should seriously think about Brazilian hardwoods as they regularly most recent 50 years or more, yet you will pay a superior cost for that life expectancy.

In spite of the fact that it very well may be anything but difficult to state that you need your wood fence to keep going as far as might be feasible, you need to think about to what extent you really plan on being in your home. Most mortgage holders just remain in a home for a long time or less, so a weight treated pine fence would get the job done. Obviously, in case you’re anticipating having your kids or relative acquire your property, you should jump on the Brazilian harwood. Everything relies upon your own circumstance.


The second biggest supporter of fence life span is atmosphere. Sticky atmospheres will in general effect fences more than dry atmospheres, and outrageous temperatures can prompt the untimely rot of your wood fence. Here in Texas we will in general have truly damp climate, so you should consider when choosing the wood variety for your fence. Albeit climate and atmosphere can influence fence life span, pressure treated wood will ordinarily have a future of numerous decades with legitimate upkeep, which will get the job done for generally property holders. In the event that atmosphere is a significant worry of yours, consider picking California redwood, which is a hardwood that opposes rot well and can last more than 25 years.


A wood fence is just comparable to the establishment that was utilized to make it. You can choose the most strong wood accessible for your fence, however in the event that it isn’t introduced appropriately, it won’t have the ideal life span. Some establishment best rehearses that ought to be pursued for ideal wood fence life span are that pickets and boards ought to never contact the ground and cement or rock ought to be utilized to fill post openings. On the off chance that these prescribed procedures are not pursued, you shouldn’t anticipate that your fence should keep going as long.